May 14, 2014


I've been putting a lot of thought and energy into what (really) works for me and our family! Us moms spend a lot of time comparing notes, sharing ideas and resources, and posting only the best of the best, but how often are those things only what works for the moment? Or what works because it worked for someone else?

Today I'd like to share a few things that honestly do work for us. My hope with this exercise is that you too will take a few moments and really evaluate things from your own perspective, not from the eyes of an onlooker or how you believe someone with more clout says it should be.
  • Meal Planning does NOT work me, but having enough ingredients on hand to put together our favorite go-to meals DOES! So instead of sitting down at the beginning of each week and writing out a neat, ordered list of items I need to complete a set menu, I simply take an inventory of groceries I don't have and off I go.
  • Encouraging every member of our family to do their share! Chores are an important learning tool for children and I am a firm believer that if you live in the house you are accountable for it's maintenance. But one thing I refuse to do is brow-beat my children into completing a set list of chores each day. We do have a chore calendar which rarely works, but it's a visual reminder that, "hey you have stuff you should help out with!".
  • Creating! I love to create whether it's crafts, blog posts and graphics, desserts, etc - whatever I can be doing to create something brings a calming peace to me and helps me to put what ever talent God has gifted me with into action.
  • Checking my bank account online daily! I do not keep a check or transaction register, never have and probably never will. I type a bill sheet up in MS Word before each paycheck and then I cross the items off as they are paid. For everyday expenses and transactions, I simply go to our online account system and monitor closely what monies are spent and for what. I'm terrible at budgeting and the more I pressure myself to make and stick to one, the more stress I endure (and the more stress, the more pain from my FM I experience).
  • NOT stressing myself out over the little things. My husband and I dispute regularly over this issue and neither of us and can really relate to the others opinion - so be it. My mother always told me not to sweat the small stuff in life and to save your frustration for the bigger things, and there will be bigger things! I'm not a fan of conflict, even though I won't run from it either. I prefer a simple, peaceful, and communicable environment in my home.

I hope you enjoyed my list of what, and doesn't, work for me! Please consider leaving a comment with a link to your WFMW post or a few suggestions of what you've learned works for you.

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  1. Great list! I did do meal planning when everyone was still at home because I'm a planner and needed to be able to look at the week at a glance. I love that you are not stressing over the little things. It is so easy to do and it tends to waste so much time. Thank you for sharing. Visiting you from Wedded Wednesday!